How To Choose The Best Promotional Products For Your Company

Promotional products have come a long way from the standard pen featuring the company name and phone number. These days, there are all sorts of items to give to current and potential clients. Picking the right promotional products will help your company stick in customers' minds. These giveaway objects are a fun way to market your company and should be a part of your advertising budget.

Promotional products should be given out at events, company-sponsored tournaments, and trade shows. Also, consider donating some of your products to be given away at charity fundraisers or to be placed in gift bags during the holidays.

Pick a product that reflects your business

First of all, you want to pick a product that reflects what your company sells and also the demographic that you are marketing to. For example, if most of your clients are women, you might want to consider something that appeals to the majority of women, like a tote bag, purse, or lip balm. If your company sells sports products, a football or a frisbee with your company's name number and address emblazoned on it will be a hit. If your company sells sewing products, your customers would probably love to get a measuring tape or scissors with your company's information on it.

Pick a product that is useful

Be as creative as possible! Your promotional product should not just reflect what your company does but should also be useful. Think about what kind of product your client would use on a regular basis, so that they are reminded of your company every time they use it.

If you are giving away products at an event or tournament, think about what type of product would enhance your clients' experience during this time. If the event takes place at the beach, towels with your company's information will most likely be used over and over again. If the event is outdoors during the summer, pick a product like a water bottle or canteen.

Pick a product that is fun

Your clients will remember your company if your promotional product makes them smile. Items like t-shirts often get placed at the back of a closet or drawer. If your promotional product is clever, it is much more likely to stay out in the clients' home. For example, if you run a propane company, you could give out candles. If you run a brewery, you could give out bottle openers.

Don't be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to picking promotional products. Just keep in mind what you are selling, who you are selling to, and pick items that are fun, creative, and useful. For more advice, speak with experts like Elite Sportswear Awards and Promotional Products in Edmonton.